Thursday, 4 December 2014

Shortening the stumpy


Hi all

Well 6 weeks ago I had my op to cut of the bone overgrowth at the end of my stumpy, and flatten down the loose skin on the hip side. so rather than looking like an ice cream shape leg I now have a short cone. There wasn't any pain just soreness from the stitches. They said there was some more bits of road debris which they got out as well as filing down the bone.
So it's been six weeks in the pram (wheelchair), and I've already scuffed all door frames. Bashed my knuckles and generally getting frustrated at the world.

My stitches have now all dissolved and I just have plasters on over the sore bits. which is mainly under my thigh at the top, as that's what gets sat on and pulled around, so is taking longer to knit together.

A few days ago I started putting my grey liner on just to get my leg used to the tightness again. The first time it always feels like you pulling on a rubber corset, until the rubber softens and then you just wearing a wellington all day.

Now today I've got my leg back on, I can't take a proper step with out it hurting really bad. the socket doesn't fit right now because my stump has changed shape. So rather than putting my weight through the hard seat on the rim, my weight is being taken by my thigh itself. Pulling the skin up and down when I move. And as theres new muscle and nerves in new areas its like I'm getting a Chinese burn with the occasional stab of pain when I try to walk. I'm sure this will settle down in time and i will keep trying a few steps to toughen up the nerves/ muscle to pressure.
I've booked an appointment in the new year for a new socket fitting so by then I hopefully will be able to walk.

This is also my first Christmas in my new bungalow, my family helped my decorate my tree and I've ordered most of my presents off the Internet.
I could go on the bus in my chair into town but that always seems to fall on days when I'm really self conscious about people staring at me, and worrying whether the driver will get out of his cab and pull down the ramp for me. Then I can only fill up my rucksack and have to come home.
Another method is riding my mobility scooter into town, riding into those shops big enough.
This way I can put large items on my scooter.
The only down side is for the smaller shops i cant go in as i have to use both crutches to hop around and cant hold a basket at the same time, and shops with steps are a definite no go.
I know what you are going to say why don't you go with a friend or family. I have but i like my independence, so the sooner i get back my leg the happier i will be.

So hope you all have a pain free, stress free Christmas and a happy new year. xxxx

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

lypo done!

4th November 2014

Hi all

1 of 3 operations down, just 2 more to go. Had the lypo suction 2 weeks ago, they sucked the fat out of my hips lower and upper tummy. I originally went in for just my hips, but the surgeon started grabbing hold of handfuls of stuff asking if I wanted to keep it!
So I was knocked out and 1 hour later I was in a knee length pink corset. which I had to sleep in.
I wasn't in any pain until day 2 when the bruising started to come out.

sorry is so blurry its hard to take a selfie of your front whilst balancing on one leg :)
As you can see all my front was bruised and my hips and around my lower back were the same colour. The little stickers are where the metal rod went in and they just had two stitches in.
Of course I wasn't able to wear my leg as the belt pressed on my bruised sides, so I was back in the pram. Also you cant wear any knickers, because as the swelling goes down your knicker line will leave a permanent dent (that's what the doc says anyway).

So after one week of constricted painful days I went back and had my stitches out.
I'm now on week two and can put my leg back on, the bruising has nearly all gone but has been replaced by areas of hard lumps. This I'm told is scar tissue and I need to still wear my corset for 6 weeks! and some thing else they didn't tell me. You have to massage yourself for 5 minutes to help break down the scar tissue.
I'm told that I wont see the final results for 6 months, that's when all the swelling, scar tissues and other bits would have settled down. At the moment its just like when I first had my skin grafts on my leg I need to keep doing stretches. because if I don't and I have been sat for a while its like those lumps cramp up and it feels like I'm tearing them when I stretch.
(I'm also not wearing my corset anymore sshhhh!) Because on line some say no garment is needed other up to 2 months.
Its to help with the shape, but if I keep up with my stretches and massage I should be ok.
I have another review in 6 weeks so will let you know if there are any problems.

operation number 2 for my stumpy is on Saturday, god I hope I don't have to go back on the ward!

take care xxx

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Plodding on


Hi all yes i know, its been a while, but I've finally moved out and had to unpack and sort out my computer.
i have been walking on my old leg now for 5 months. I am able to walk with just one stick, as i have solved the problem of the leg slipping off or turning round when you sit down.
Don't tell your prosthatist this as they wont be happy with you messing with the equipment. But they don't have to wear the leg you do.
So first the grey liner that you have it should be rubber on the inside and an elastic type cloth on the outside. Take a metal brush or scouring pad and when you have the liner on rub the top of your thigh, until the grey cloth becomes slightly fluffy.
Then buy some Velcro strips. You can get these from any sowing shop. glue 4 strips diagonally on the top inside of your plastic socket.
Then put your leg on you should find that the fluffy cloth now sticks to the Velcro and you should be able to shake your leg and it wont come off. You shouldn't have to wear all those silly white socks to pad it now. You can easily pull your leg off to adjust if needed. So that's why i can now walk with one stick. I've also taken the foam off again as the leg doesn't swing out as well.

I am also waiting for 3 operations, the bone on the end of my stump, my left wrist carpel tunnel, and I've decided to do something drastic about my weight and having lypo sculpture.
so by Christmas i will be back in my chair, all bandaged up. But I'm determined that that will be it for operations no more!!

I will post pictures after each op and let you know how i get on.


Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Another op & getting out and about


Hi all

Sorry I missed a months post I've been busy getting my new Bungalow sorted.
I've got to get out of my parents house it's driving me crazy. So looking forward to independence again.

So I have to have another operation, the bone on the left side of the tip of my stumpy
has continued to grow and is now making the skin pull tight.
If I graze this its so tight that it could split, and have problems in the future knitting
back together. Plus its causing a problem when it comes to putting on my socket.
There is only so much padding I can put on to stop it knocking at the side when I walk.
So im either going to have to have that over growth filed down or an inch taken off the

Also I am walking again (yay) but where I had my last operation to have to two stones removed at the back and side. Its all healed but is still tender to touch, I think either the
scar tissue is pressing on a nerve or there is still something in there, and my socket
pushes on these areas when I walk.
So I have got two foam pads and taped them to my leg. Its provided a good cushion and doesn't hurt when I walk. So that's a temp solution until I go for my next review.

Also its been at least two years since I last socialised, and ive forced myself to go out to meet an old group of friends tonight.
I have kept putting off meet ups after my accident for different reasons. Some have been obvious, I was recovering from an operation, and shouldn't move.
But other times I guess ive just felt like I have been knocked out of the loop, and hated the idea of just standing there not knowing what everyone is talking about. Thinking they are looking at my leg or whispering 'ho that's suzy yeh she lost her leg'.  But I know im being silly, and I also know I need to get out of the house and try and get my life back. I
t wont be the boozy suzy I used to be, it will give me something else to think about rather than my next operation. So wish me luck im crapping myself!


Wednesday, 30 April 2014

2 Years on


I can't believe it's been two years, in a way it's gone fast and slow.
Fast because it only seems like last year I had my accident, and slow because I'm impatient
and still sorting out my original prosthetic leg.

I've spent today at Seacroft getting my leg tweaked and sorted out, it took 2 hrs then another
2hrs waiting for transport to take me home. I'm so tired now. But on the good side I've been
 kept occupied and not had to think on things.

I think the fit is more comfortable now, it's still tender around where my recent operation scars
are but that will fade.

I also got weighed today as well, I'm 10 Stone! well 58kg but still, hopefully I should loose the weight now I've got my leg back and can start to be more mobile again, and independent!!!
No more being pushed in my pram!

My goal is that in 5 years time I will be walking confidently with a good prosthetic leg.
That's the general time I've got from meeting other people. I know I have had operations
which has knocked me back but if all goes well and there are no more stones in my stumpy
I should be back to new normal in 2017!.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Return of the leg

23.04 14

Hi all

Well after nearly 4 months of recovering I finally got my leg back today.
I had to go for the usual socket refit, then wait 2 weeks then go back and sit for 4hrs whilst they tweak it.
Putting the rubber liner back on after so long was very constricting to start off with. It felt like my thigh was being stuffed into a small bag.
As for putting the leg back on. I'm still at the wobbly, it hurts on the end stage, and it still doesn't feel right, like I'm not totally in it and its going to fall off.
But I've been told to take it home and try for 4 weeks, and if there are any more tweaks that need doing to book an appointment. Soooo let's see how I go.
Also I got fed up with the long wait times to see the NHS Prosthatist so I've booked an appointment to see PACE. a private Prosthetic firm in May. Lets see what they come up with.

As for everything else I'm still not missing working :)
The builders are still finishing off the renovations on my bungalow. Hopefully looking to move out in August.
I haven't socialised (apart from face book) since my Ben Nevis trip last June. I'm going to wait until I'm totally confident on my leg, then might start going out again. I guess I've just got so used to my own company. (apart from living with my parents) That I'm really nervous about meeting friends again. So we will see, if theres one thing I've learned its to be very very patient.
Also I've put together an exercise routine I can do with out my leg on. So i'm giving that ago, as these last 4 months I've been cultivating my ass :)

Talk later. x

Monday, 17 February 2014

A weighty problem


Hi all

Just being honest with you that i still have down days. Today is one of them, the topic of today's blues is my weight. Since my accident i have put on a stone, and have gone up a dress size from 10 to 12 to 14 depending on the item of clothing. I know it's down to going from being very active and fit to hardly moving, and my mums cooking.

Once i finally move out i will be able to get control of my diet again. But the other thing thats got me down is waiting for yet another operation, then months of recovery then sorting out my old leg again. Which still isn't right it's still too long and does a really annoying thing (which belt legs do) which is you get it in the right position then you sit down and when you stand back up its twisted round and the foots turned in. I find this annoying with just one leg i feel really sorry for those who are missing two.

When i am finally healed enough to get that sorted i will mention this to the prosthatist there has to be something.

And whilst I'm having a moan i keep getting stabbing pains where i had my carpel tunnel, and my wrist is really weak. I know its only been 6 weeks since my op and pushing myself around in my chair doesn't help. So that's my moans, i know i have to be grateful that i only lost my leg and not my arms or damaged my face or senses. But as you will know some days are really hard. X

Thursday, 6 February 2014

The Revenge of Bradford Road


Hi all

Well I've not been getting much sleep due to a throbbing pain under the top part of my stumpy. After only wearing my old leg for 2 days I started to get a sharp pain. To the point where I can't even put my rubber liner on.
On closer inspection today the red lump now has a black dot in it about 1cm across. At first I was panicking thinking it was black dying skin. But on closer inspection (with the aid of a magnifying mirror it looks like another piece of stone from Bradford Road!
So I've called up my doctor and made an appointment to see him to have it cut out. This will mean stitches and my leg wrapped up for 6 weeks :(
I've already put on a bit of weight over Christmas, I can feel my ass growing as we speak :)
But better out than in and hopefully this will be the last operation. Then I can get on with sorting out the fitting of my old leg (which is currently two long). Whilst also supervising  works on my new house.
Also it was my birthday on the 4th I'm now 35! They say that after 5 years you should be sorted with a leg and walking confidently. So 3 more years of tweaking to go. :)

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

New Year New Start?

Hi all

Well below are pictures of updates on my middle toe top bone amputation.
It's a bit squashed at one side but at least they didn't take off as much as I thought they would, and it doesn't hurt anymore when I walk. The 4th toe likes to go purple but it's not throbbing or in pain. So it's just bad circulation which I will keep an eye on.

Also had my carpel tunnel operation on my right wrist. This picture is taken 12 days
after the operation so it's healing well. I thought it wouldn't hurt because the palms of
your hands are tough. But those numbing needles really hurt, apparently your hands
are one of the most sensitive parts of your body. Makes sense if you think about it.
And I wont know if it's worked for at least 3 years! But the constant tingling seems to
have gone so fingers crossed. But I'm not having the other one done.

Also my only leg is still getting a re-cast so at one point I was stuck in bed because I
had my arm in a sling and couldn't push myself around in my chair. Luckily I'm still living
with my parents so until I was able to move my hand with out pain I had a mum slave. :)

But it has been really frustrating just stuck not able to do much, even my computer mouse its a right handed track ball!

On 28th Jan I go for my first fitting of my old leg, to iron out any catching bits etc.
Then I will have to wait another 2 weeks to be called back in to adjust the height.
Then I should be able to take it home and walk again, hopefully in time for my Birthday
in February!

Of course because i'm not moving much i'm not making myself tired and find I've been staying up till passed midnight watching telly. Also the Christmas fat loves me too much to leave.

Also I've started trying to lower the medication i'm on. I'm down to just 300mg of Gabapentin once a night and 2x 10mg Amatriphtaline. So far the bad pins and needles feeling in my stump isn't getting any worse so we shall see how I go.

Hope you are doing well too.