Wednesday, 30 April 2014

2 Years on


I can't believe it's been two years, in a way it's gone fast and slow.
Fast because it only seems like last year I had my accident, and slow because I'm impatient
and still sorting out my original prosthetic leg.

I've spent today at Seacroft getting my leg tweaked and sorted out, it took 2 hrs then another
2hrs waiting for transport to take me home. I'm so tired now. But on the good side I've been
 kept occupied and not had to think on things.

I think the fit is more comfortable now, it's still tender around where my recent operation scars
are but that will fade.

I also got weighed today as well, I'm 10 Stone! well 58kg but still, hopefully I should loose the weight now I've got my leg back and can start to be more mobile again, and independent!!!
No more being pushed in my pram!

My goal is that in 5 years time I will be walking confidently with a good prosthetic leg.
That's the general time I've got from meeting other people. I know I have had operations
which has knocked me back but if all goes well and there are no more stones in my stumpy
I should be back to new normal in 2017!.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Return of the leg

23.04 14

Hi all

Well after nearly 4 months of recovering I finally got my leg back today.
I had to go for the usual socket refit, then wait 2 weeks then go back and sit for 4hrs whilst they tweak it.
Putting the rubber liner back on after so long was very constricting to start off with. It felt like my thigh was being stuffed into a small bag.
As for putting the leg back on. I'm still at the wobbly, it hurts on the end stage, and it still doesn't feel right, like I'm not totally in it and its going to fall off.
But I've been told to take it home and try for 4 weeks, and if there are any more tweaks that need doing to book an appointment. Soooo let's see how I go.
Also I got fed up with the long wait times to see the NHS Prosthatist so I've booked an appointment to see PACE. a private Prosthetic firm in May. Lets see what they come up with.

As for everything else I'm still not missing working :)
The builders are still finishing off the renovations on my bungalow. Hopefully looking to move out in August.
I haven't socialised (apart from face book) since my Ben Nevis trip last June. I'm going to wait until I'm totally confident on my leg, then might start going out again. I guess I've just got so used to my own company. (apart from living with my parents) That I'm really nervous about meeting friends again. So we will see, if theres one thing I've learned its to be very very patient.
Also I've put together an exercise routine I can do with out my leg on. So i'm giving that ago, as these last 4 months I've been cultivating my ass :)

Talk later. x