Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Still Legless


Hi all

I am still waiting for my new leg but here's a picture of it.
It has a tilting ankle and a hydrolic calf muscle, so once i get used to it should
give a normal walking gate.

I'm still waiting for the bum seat part to be tweaked as its too far into my groin area.

I will also have to go to Physio again to learn how to walk on it.
It weighs a stone, and it feels like your dragging such a weight around my back really ached only after a few steps.

But as with my current leg i will get used to it, and in time get used to the weight. I thought my current leg was heavy when i first started wearing it, now i know its too light.

I am also having another operation on my 3rd toe this time.
I will be having the top bone taken out and the nail bed, and then
folded over, just like the 4th toe.
I have tried to live with it broken but its causing me too much pain, so its for the best.

This is going to happen August, so back in the wheelchair for a while, but as least i will get meals in bed from mum!. Maybe i should by a little bell for my side table!

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