Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Back to the beginning again!

Hi all
Well the stitches have come out (dissolved) and I tried my leg on last week it was really pain full like pulling a shoe on over a very bruised foot I couldn't put any weight through it so decided to let it heal some more.
Yesterday I tried again and found I couldn't get my leg to click into the bottom of the socket no matter how hard I pushed. (must have put on a few inches on my upper thigh over Christmas, I blame the Baileys and mince pies.)
So I tried putting my old leg on (the hydrolic) which has a wider socket top I could get this on but when I stood there was a sharp pain at the bottom back where they had operated. They must have cut really deep for it still to be as sore after 5 weeks. So frustrated I have kept my grey rubber liner on to get my leg used to the tightness again, and maybe act like a shrink liner to reduce the mine pies, I mean swelling.
As is the fad with the new year I have joined the band waggon and I'm eating healthy and exercising.
But I'm so frustrated because my garden is overgrown and because of the mild winter everything is growing and needs sorting out, and don't get me started on poo picking. (I have two bowel healthy dogs if you're wondering)
So I'm going to keep trying each week until I can get my leg back on but if I'm still in pain by the end of January then I'm going back to hospital to see what's up.


  1. Hi suzi hope your ok an hope your leg fits soon tale care x

  2. Hi suzi hope your ok an hope your leg fits soon tale care x