Monday, 28 August 2017

Nearly time for Ossio


Hi All

Well only two more sleeps to go, i'm nervous which is to be expected i'm going to have a big operation in a foreign hospital. But on the surface i'm positive and can't wait to get rid off the plastic socket top that sticks out on my hip when I walk, so I can't wear any tight fitting clothes.
Also I think i'm going to burn the rubber liner, that caused sweat burns and chaffing cuts.
I won't have to put those stupid pink sponge plasters around my crotch anymore to stop rubbing if I did any long distance walking.
I wont have to shave off my pubic hair anymore, which I did to stop the plasters crabbing a handful when I walked and pulling them out.
I won't have to fiddle about with piece of paper stuck down the side of the Velcro fastening in the socket and my grey liner to get my foot straight so it doesn't spin when I walk.
All these good things, but my subconscious has thought na feck all that inside i'm gonna show you how your really feeling:

1)Not able to sleep until 12-1am
2)waking up at 6am!
3)Bad stomach ulcer flared up causing very bad chest pains, back pain, nausea, constant heart burn and indigestion.  I started taking my VSL3 Probiotic and some Protopump inhibitors (stops acid produce) and eating bananas (so after 6wks ulcer should be gone) plus after the operation they will put me on a course of anti-biotics to ensure I don't get an infection in my implant. That should deal with any helabacta ulcer causing bugs too. #alwayslookonthebrightside.

I'm going to do a video diary of my trip, and what goes on in the hospital not just for something to do but to keep me sane :)
I hope to god I don't have an allergic reaction to the meds and hallucinate again when I wake up after the operation. Well it will be entertaining at least on the vlog, if I do hallucinate I will video secretly what I see and tell you what I see, and you can see what is really there. Might as well get some fun out of it.

So this is me signing off for now see you on the other side in 2 weeks.

Take care.

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