Sunday, 8 July 2018

Busy Little Hobbit!!

8th July 2018

Hi All

Well i'm all healed from my  upper thigh tidy up from my last post (it actually only took 2weeks and i was back walking again. :)  )
I then had my 6 month review in Gernamny for my Ossio, it came around so fast!!
Good thing too as i over tightend the screw holding my leg on and snapped it.
Meaning the leg was stuck on! better than off i suppose.
As it need charging but luckly holds charge for 5 days i came up with a way to do this.
When i sat for more than an hour, say on an evening watching TV, i would plug in the charger next to me and let it charge.
This worked and i survived until i had to go to Hannover to get it literally drilled off!.
I'm not kidding, an actual drill from the shed. The screw had become so worn down that the allen key couldn't grip the sides. They tried all sorts of tools at P.A.C.E. But didn't want to risk damaging the Ossio part and so i had to wait until i got to Hannover.
It didn't hurt as much as i thought it would, someone drilling your funny bone is the only way i can describe it.
But they got it off and another part was put on, no damage done and my Prosthatist got to learn what to do when things go wrong so double bonus!

Here is the link to my latest Ossio vlog....ironically no: 13!

I've also joined a gym and working with a personal trainer have done a video showing exercises amputees can do. I've broken it up into sections, Floor, Seated, machines and standing.
The floor and seated can be done at home as i know most of you will find going to the gym intimidating.

I still don't have any pain when i walk, cysts or painful lumps and its currently 27 degrees here in U.K and i really don't miss the rubber liner and socket!
Having Ossio is the best thing i have ever had done!

Below is a link to the Exercise video - Limb-itless (everyone loves a good pun!)

Never give up!!

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