Monday, 21 October 2013

My injuries a year on

Hi all

I thought it would be interesting to post pictures of my injuries each year to see how it heals and changes. Another warning to those easily upset do not scroll down!



As you can see in 2012 the leg was tight and it felt hard and was very sensitive, but numb at the same time. On the top part of my thigh where the skin was 'normal' I had no feeling at all.

Now it may look like I have put on weight, but its the inside of the thigh that has changed.
It's no longer tight and hard, its like a flobby bean bag full of squishy stuff.
I can feel the thigh bone under my skin and it's even started to grow out on the top. It doesn't hurt but I think in time the end of my thigh/stump will look and feel like my elbow bone.
I can see and feel now that there wasn't much muscle left to rap around the stump because when I tense it, nothing much moves.
But I have get feeling back, and as you can see from the picture the deep ridge that ran around the edge of the scarred area has now flattened out, and I think with time they will fade and go silvery.
The only pain I get now is on the very end of my stump if I walk too long, and I get a blood bruise on the tip. This is just due to a poor fitting prosthetic leg, and when I finally get my new one this should stop.

Also I forgot to take a picture of my foot last year so here it is.

I have lost the tops of the last two toes, and the third toe is bent over.
This is the one I am having the top amputated.The line you see next to it is where they had to cut into the toes, because when the truck ran over the foot it crushed it pushing the 4th toes bones into the 3rd toe. So they had to cut it open, pull out the bits then put them back and stitch it back up.
They appear to have stitched a bit too high but at the time my foot was in a right mess so I will let them off for that.

Also the scar on top of my foot was where the skin was ripped off right to the bone.
There was also a deep hole but this has flattened and faded over a year.
The only other annoying thing is when the truck ran over my foot it flattened it making my foot more broader than before. (I now have a hobbit foot!) I went from a size 3 or 4 to a size 5/6, and I still cant wear any hard leather foot wear as it rubs on that scar.
In time however I will probably be able to wear my Doc Martins again. But as for my size 3 New Rocks I just don't have the heart to give them away. I always used to wear them you see, so I might hang on to them and see how my foot heals.

I hope things are going okay for you, and I will update you with picks of my foot after its operation on 13th November.




  1. Thank you for sharing these images. Your injuries certainly look much better healed now. I wish you continued improvement and function!

  2. Thanks for the kind words please pass my blog on to anyone else you might think it helps x