Sunday, 15 September 2013

A Few More Operations


Hi all
Well today i decided to go private to have my middle toe on the right foot. (the real one) :)
cut short. I had been waiting on the NHS list for over 4 months, and had put up with the pain
for long enough.  Private is expensive but at least i now have a date (20th September) and its one operation over and done with.
The creepy thing is i was late to the private appointment because my train had to make a detour as, i later found out someone had fallen on to the tracks, had their leg cut off and died.
This just reinforced the fact that i am so glad to be alive, and during my accident the right people were there to save me.
So no more doom and gloom. The final figure came in from my Ben Nevis trek and you raised 1600!! for Yorkshire Air Ambulance! Brilliant!
Also I've decided to make a big decision in my life and quit my job, and go back to university. I leave on 20th December, and start Uni in September 2014. I'm going to take back up my animal care, as its some thing Ive always loved doing. In the gap leading up to Uni, i hope to get all my operations done and have my new leg sorted.
Speaking of my new leg that had to be sent back and recast for the 3rd time, as my cone shaped stump just kept slipping out. They are trying different liners, and i will let them try again.
But if it doesn't work this time then I'm going to go private to a company called PACE.
So I'm really nervous so much is happening now, my toe op, my future carpel tunnel op. Looking for a new bungalow, finishing my job and starting uni!.

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  1. Blimey Suzi - as ever you don't do things by halves! Massive life changes. Good luck and keep posting updates. Alex