Thursday, 30 April 2015

3 Years ago today.


hi all well its been 3 years since my accident, its gone by so fast but also in a way slow. Fast in that it seems like it was just this year that I had had my accident and all the bumf that followed.
and slow because waiting for operations, healing, constant leg tweaking.
Below is a picture of my leg now 3 years on. you'll see that its a bit more rounded at the end since I had an inch cut off. Plus my scaring seems to be fading to a more pink skin colour.

I still have my first leg and have been walking around on it now for about 8 weeks. I went to Whitby on my own for a slow plod round and even though my leg didn't hurt my bum seat part chaffed and caused a blister on my ass (not good). But I bought some padded plasters stuck one on my butt and away I went again.

I waiting for my hydraulic leg now, they are doing me a new cast based on the socket I have now. which will have problems as you remember from previous posts how much I had to cut down.
But we will cross that bridge when we come to it, at least I know now I can tweak it myself without having to wait weeks and weeks.

On that subject my grey liner with the pin lock in, I'm currently wearing has a few holes in the front, just in the fluffy grey skin level. The rubber underneath is in tacked, this has been caused by the Velcro I glued to the inside of the plastic socket. to stop my leg slowly rotating as I walk.
well when I went to see my Prosthatist earlier this month, he saw the state of my liner and was not pleased. he said you know they are supposed to last at least 6 months and we have been given our NHS budget and they are £400 each. all I could think was well its working my leg isn't revolving when I walk. If you put a shiny liner in a shiny plastic socket it doesn't matter how tight it is its going to rotate. they need to invent a liner with Velcro on. so there!

I've also cut down and now I'm finally off my last medication which was the amatriptaline. (the nerve damage and depression tablets). I've been a bit weepy and get easily stressed but that's just my serotonin levels returning to normal.

I don't have any more operations due (fingers crossed), my bungalow is sorted and even though to bum part of my leg isn't perfect I can walk on it. so now its a case of plucking up the courage to go on holiday. I'm afraid something will happen, or I'll book it and be legless. I don't know I know I am being silly. we will just have to see.

Take care xx

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