Friday, 8 May 2015

New hydrolic Leg


Hi all

got my new hydraulic leg today, very wobbly like I'm walking on sponge. makes a hissing sound when I walk but that's just air in between my grey liner and the white plastic socket. (at least its not making a farting sound).

I was shown how to go up and down a slope. up as great because of the tilting ankle I now have but down was scary as my knee kept bending and I thought I was going to fall. also with this new leg I can now crouch!.

Its still boney around the crotch area, but that can be sorted with sponge.
I was also shown how to walk down stairs. where as before you are told to put your bad foot first then step down. I had to learn to walk normally one foot over the other, and again I was frightened my knee was going to give as I stepped off. But with the help of railings I did it, just got to keep practising now.

below is a photo of me crouching (not laying an egg) a front view of my leg and a short film of me walking.

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