Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Accident Photos (very graphic do not click on if easily upset!!)


Hi all

Whilst cleaning out an old computer I came across some pictures I thought I had deleted.
They are of my leg whilst I am on a table in hospital straight after the accident.
They managed to gather everything up and put it in a plastic bag.
These pictures are very graphic close ups of the damage to my leg for court purposes.
(Wasn't as if I could fake having my leg ripped off but hey ho.)

The reason I thought I would put these on here is to show you what I was sat left
holding that day on the road, and after you have seen the shots you will understand I knew then and there I had lost my leg. 

I'm not disgusted or upset by these photos, I feel quite distanced from them like I'm
looking at a movie prop. The only thing that puts a lump in my throat still is seeing my foot with my toenails there looking fine until you follow the leg up.

I guess its a part of self therapy to show you these images so I can say, see this is what I saw when I closed my eyes every night for at least 2 years before I went to sleep.
Now you can understand just a fraction of what I went through. (and still going through). I may have a prosthetic leg now and have all sorts of exciting plans for the future trying to stay positive. But I still have and I think always will have down days, where I just want to throw my leg in a corner and cry.


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